7 Tips to a Successful Disc Publishing Project


1.    Cater to your customers needs.

  • Recently spoke with a comedian who called about producing a DVD. While we we’re discussing printing and packaging options,  I suggested a full retail ready package (amaray case, printed wrap, shrink wrap packaging).  He politely declined, informing me that he does a lot of shows on cruise ships. On these cruises his customers often ask him to autograph the disc after purchase. Adding additional packaging slows down the process and is unnecessary. Knowing and anticipating your customer’s needs is a huge part of the decision making process.

2.    Professional Design makes a big difference.

  • One of the biggest bottlenecks we run into when printing discs for our customers is design. Often time’s customers lack the proper skills to create the disc, packaging or they are relying on a friend to provide very real skills often times for free. We are more than willing to help out with some minor design alterations but if your project requires a fast turnaround (less than 10 days) it may be in your best interest to let us handle the design for a nominal fee.

3.    Flexibility on Delivery Date can save you big Money!

  • At least once a week a customer calls asking if we can get their discs done same day. The answer is always: You bet! We have invested resources and are perfectly set up to handle these rapid turn customers but there are costs involved. If you have a CD release launch or a DVD screening schedule, make sure you get started at least 10-15 days ahead of time and always, ALWAYS inform your printer about your deadline. This will afford you the best pricing available and relieve stresses and confusion.

4.    Flexibility on Packaging can also save your Moolah!

  • We get a lot of customers inquiring about DigiPak packaging, no wonder– it’s a great looking packaging option. But DigiPak requires physical printing and gluing, die setups. Rapid turn times are out and pricing on low volume is not especially competitive. A better solution may be a slimline jewel case with a printed insert. This packaging option is about half the price and can be turned in as little as 48 hrs usually. If you’re willing to keep your options open, you can save a lot of money and still receive a kick ass product.

5.    Track your disc in itunes and save!

  • We can track your tunes for you’re in Itunes for a nominal fee or you can do it yourself – it’s pretty simple. A quick search of the internet brings up these instructions:


  1. Open iTunes
  2. Insert CD
  3. Locate CD in iTunes (do NOT import yet)
  4. Highlight all of the cd tracks
  5. Right click and select “Get Info”
  6. Click the “Info” tab
  7. Change the album title/artist name/year/genre
  8. Click “OK”
  9. Now use this procedure for individual track names
  10. Highlight track 1 and right click to select “Get Info”
  11. Click on the “Info” tab
  12. Update the “Name” and then click “Next”
  13. Once you finish writing in your info for all tracks click “OK”
  14. Highlight all of the tracks again
  15. Click on the “Options” symbol on the upper right corner of the tracklist window
  16. Select “Submit CD Track Names…”
  17. Allow the progress bar to complete

6.     Print locally and save!

  • Shipping can really add up, whenever possible seek out local printers.Not only will this save you money on shipping your finished product, but delivering a physical master and artwork can alleviate any headaches that can arise from FTPing large files.

7.    Relax and let the professionals sweat the small stuff!

  • We print hundreds of thousands of discs every month, we have machines capable of churning out thousands of completed discs per hour. Forget about burning 70 or god forbid thousands of discs one at a time. Give us a call to find out how we can save you time and money and make your next CD or DVD printing and burning project a breeze.DBGP

DiscBurn has been printing and burning CD & DVD in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area for over ten years.  We have extensive knowledge in printing, packaging and fulfilling disc publishing projects of all shapes and sizes.  For a free consultation or to receive a pricing quote please contact ryan@discburn.com or call at 612-782-8200