DVD Publishing Projects – Get your ducks in a row.

A recent interaction I had with a customer that bears repeating.

* blue font text has been added for contextual purposes

Digital Format Consideration:

The form you had sent initially looked like it listed CD.

I can do it however you want, normally digital video is distributed on DVD or BluRay Disc.

* a video file on duplicated on a CD will generally need a Computer for playback

Master Delivery Method

The absolute best way to deliver the master would be for you to burn a master DVD and mail it.

That way I could duplicate it straight from the disc to additional DVDs in our 1-to-10 DVD towers.

Digital delivery adds a few potential hiccups – artifacts can be introduced, formats can get crossed, etc.

Goals & End User Consideration

What is your goal with this project?

Some of my film making customers submit videos like this to film festivals – lots of film festivals require blu-ray these days.  Others mail them for promotional purposes.

* knowing the answer to this question can dictate your final output format and help me to offer the right solution. 

Exposure Considerations

.Mov is a great codec but not all DVD players are capable of playing it, so again it may be limited to mostly computers.   Bluray yields the highest quality– but not everyone has one yet.

DVD has the greatest reach but your film is shot beautifully and DVD is 480 so you’ll lose some of the visual impact.

 * ultimately there are a ton of decisions that only you can answer but armed with the right knowledge we can make sure you are delivered the right solution.

 Let me know what you decide and I’ll help you make it a reality.

* this is your project – don’t be steered into something your not happy with.  Be educated about the pro’s & con’s of each solution so that you can make the best decisions.

Digital Video is a great medium for communication of your message or art, with the right input we can help you make sure to get the most out of your next project.

If you have any questions regarding your next DVD or CD publishing project don’t hesitate to contact us today.