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Should I Still make Physical Blu-rays of My Movie?

YES – creators are still able to drive revenue through physical Blu-ray & DVD sales in 2022

Streaming is undoubtedly the main vehicle for content delivery in today’s market. It cannot be overstated how important it is to get your work in front of as many eyeballs as possible and that means streaming. That however is not the end of the story.

You’ve put so much effort into creating your masterpiece that you deserve to fully maximize any potential revenue sources and that means at least evaluating physical media production.

Your audience who is made up of your fans- fans want to support you.

This is where physical media comes in. Physical Media consists of DVD, USB drives, Blu-ray for video creators and Compact Disc, USB, Records and even Cassette Tapes for musical creators. Physical Media is a tangible good. It’s an item a fan can look back upon years or even decades later. It can be autographed and directly handed to a fan. That is not a stat, hit or a percentage point – that is a bond.

Nostalgia and Fandom go hand in hand.

It is one of the big reasons why you see the resurgence of vinyl amongst music fans. Yes the audio experience is unique but it is more than just that. Fans want to show support to the artists they love. They also want to take a journey during their experience.

  • Concerts are the main way band fans and bands connect emotionally.
  • Theater is the main way that filmmakers and audiences connect emotionally.
Both of these experiences offer a unique opportunity for creators to drive some additional revenue - merch or merchandising tables.   Bands have long realized that by selling t-shirts, stickers, albums and other physical goods they can extend that bond of fandom.  Film makers are starting to realize the same.

Now more than ever with an uptick in film festivals and fandom fundraising sites like GoFundme, film makers and video creators are tapping into that same bond and revenue stream with physical media sales. DVDs and Blu-ray discs filled with additional content, behind the scenes footage and literature inserted with autographs are popular stretch goals on Kickstarter.

One customer of ours had us actually looking into creating VHS tapes for his project a fandom driven script dedicated to a popular horror franchise.  His reasoning- his memory popping in an old horror VHS and watching the film huddled together with his best friends at a sleepover. 

If you have a decent fanbase and you’ve created a quality project – you should produce DVDs or Blu-rays

The quantity of custom DVD or custom Blu-ray you order will be dependent on the size of your fandom but luckily for you, we can produce as little as 50 (I’d do at least 100 for the price break but I’m a bit biased)

In the past DVDs and Blu-rays were primarily content delivery vehicles, Today they are support vehicles first and foremost. They exist more as a way for your fans to say “thanks – I dig what you’re doing!”

Oh btw they also still exist as content vehicles in those places far far away. Places that if we are lucky, we get to visit occasionally. Places we go to unplug from the modern world and the tether of the internet- deer camps, cabins, sailboats and many many other magical places. 

If you need any help authoring Blu-ray or mastering Blu-ray, producing professional quality DVD, Blu-ray or any other type of physical media – we would love to help.

Call us at 612-782-8200 or use our Contact Us page and we can get you started on your next DVD or BDR production project today!

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